Saturday, October 01, 2005

Introducing an Illustrator

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Sally was quiet because she was listening. She didn't have to talk to understand. The trees moved close to her and they sang....Tree branches bowed and waved in joyful play -- responding to the breeze -- a thought not felt on cheek or golden hair.

If you have never read The Princess and the Muse you must make sure to do so. It is Heather Blakey's signature story and her analysis of the story provides a rich insight into the birth of Soul Food.

Heather, like the Princess, suffered from a depression that was inexplicable. She seemed to have everything and yet she was not at peace.

Over the past six years she has spent at least six hours a day building Soul Food. This sounds like a lot of time and she has never put a monetary figure on her work. She always said that the currency she gained was worth more than any money she might receive and indeed, she has found peace and no longer suffers from depression.

Recently Heather began sketching, after never having sketched in her fifty five years. The most she did was use some colour pencils to enter Corinella's colouring competition which was featured in Melbourne's Herald Sun when she was still a child.

Since retiring to look after her husband Heather has made sketching a daily practice and over a short period has found the genre that suits her best. She has returned, for inspiration, to the Fairy Tales and Myths that comforted her as a child. This week she accepted the challenge of illustrating a book for faucon of Sakinel entitled Limora's Gate.

If you want Heather to illustrate any work for you just drop a line to Monika Roleff at Hermitage Pubications or write directly to Heather. She will no doubt barter with you and come to some arrangement that suits everyone. Like me she loves to barter and exchange and is happy to be 'well'.


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