Monday, October 24, 2005

Pregnant With Possibility

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The Amazon Queen takes her place on the Golden Chair, expectant, filled with a sense of creative possibility.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Reflective Waters of the Palace Lake

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The waters of the lake near the Amazon Queen's palace have the power to reveal one's true identity. The Amazon goes to look in the reflective mirror each day and each day the Raven tells her that they are one. Look into the reflective waters near the Queen's Summer Palace and your true identity will be revealed.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Fresh from the Alchemist

I now have ready for shipment, handmade herbals from H. R. H. Gwen Guin's personal recipes.

The first one available is "Muse of the Sea Sand Castle Soap" a rich blend of rose petals, honey and real milk in a bar for softening skin, with a delicate fragrance.

The second one is "Koschey's Stygian Soap", a soap of eerie darkness that is a pairing of lavender and aloe vera for healing the skin and protecting it at the same time.

Also ready for your enjoyment, "Baba Yaga's Hand Cream", with borage oil, Vitamin E, and tea Tree Oils you only need a little bit to do a lot of softening. Note, as this is old-style lotion it does contain animal fats and olive oil.

Soothe yourself with "le Enchanteur's Tension Tamer Massage Oil", with lavender and bay leaf for a double whammy of relief. With a dot or two to each temple and a place to relax for a half-hour, you'll be ready to face the whirl again in no time.

Direct From the Silk Road Bath House are the selection of "Bath House Bath Teas". A melding og select herbs and green tea, put a bag in your bath water and surround yourself in anti-oxidant rich green tea and lavender, chammomile, or rose petals and pamper all of you.

For stiff joints and sore muscles there is "Miscellaneous Memoirs Arthritis Oil", a teaming of bay leaf, chilli, and chamomile oils. Rub this oil in and feel it penetrate to relaxe the muscles, reduce swelling, and ease the aches.

For those who have oily skin there is "Alluvial Miners Pure Clay Masque" with aloe vera and comfrey to deep clean and heal skin at the same time. Pair it with the "Pandora's Chamomile Astringent" for a one-two punch to excess oil.

Anyone can enjoy the delicate touch of the "Rose and Swan Rose and Honey Facial Splash", keep the bottle in the fridge for a quick cool-down. Made of all-natural ingredients, it is gentle enough for any skin.

For callouses try "Duwamish Bay Sugar Scrub" on heels, knees, elbows for a gentle removal of hard, dead skin. Made of raw and brown sugar, aloe vera, chamomile and borage to clean without drying, and to help heal cracked callouses.

Also, I have a limited number of "Tea Tree Quill Pens" made from hand selected and gathered bronze, white and Bourbon Red turkey feathers with metal nibs for consistency and durability.

Last but certainly not least; the boxed regomins!

First; There is a psoriasis regimen consisting of the Sugar Scrub, Psoriasis Oil, and itch-soothing splash to help soothe and heal psoriasis gently.

The Oily Skin-Acne Regimen, made up of "Kolchey's Stygian Soap", "Alluvial Miner's Clay Masque, and Chamomile Astringent to soak up excess oil, clean the skin gently, and tone it without drying.

The Dry Skin Regimin has "Muse of the Sea Soap", "Rose and Honey Splash", and "Baba Yaga's Hand Cream".

As more goodies are added I will announce them here, with prices and sizes as well as fyrther ordering information at Gwenguin005@AOL/com .

Monday, October 10, 2005

Amazon Queens' Alchemist

H.R.H. Gwen Guin, the Amazon Queen's Alchemist Arrives

And so, with no fuss or fanfare H. R. H. Gwen Guin enters her minute kingdom. Not known for her Warrior Skills, she found her focus to be Alchemist to the Royal Amazonian House. Her 'specialty' if you will, is herbals, potions, oils, salves, teas,and soaps. It is her alchemy that keeps the Warrior-Women feminine and blessed with their well-known loveliness.

From H. R. H. Gwen Guin

"Greeting dears,
I have chosen to make available through Soul Food Cafe these same herbal wonders that have been used by the Amazon Queens for millenia.Here in this magic realm is the only place that one can find Amazon Queen Alchemy.

As you know, Amazons are regularly long-lived, there are several QAueens of note that lived and ruled well beyond their centanarial. They are also noted for their ehduring beauty, they have often written in their Journes, or Journals as you call them, of the role that The Royal Alchemist played a key role in their youthful visages.

Do not mistake me, this was no vanity, it was an integral part of the reputation the Warrior-Women must maintain. They actively trained daily from age eighteen until they returned Home. The impression of youth gave them an advantage, many of their enemies were unable to muster a powerful defence against young women.
"Surely they couldn't be seasoned warriors!! Look at their soft skin and silken hair!"

This was their undoing, for the sweet young girls are in truth Warrior-Women in their prime. Strength that is already legendary, tempered by experience and confidence. Each Squad is judged by it's scars. The fewer the better, so there is a lively trade in scar clearing regimens."

I am honoured to share this with the people who wander Soul Food's Halls.
May the God and Goddess bless you until we speak again.
H. R. H. Gwen Guin,
Royal Alchemist to the Amazon Queens

Here, within these inviting and tempting walls you will eventually see soaps of all sorts, a growing variety of oils, cremes, bath oils, bath salts, hair rinses, scrubs and facials. I will also create custom-ordered gift boxes, already available are psoriasis, antifungal, and arthritis regimins.

In the development stages are more regimens, one of the first I want to have formulated is a burn regimen. If you are interested in prices, or have a regimen you would like to see created, please contact me at .

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Amazon Queen and Baba Plan All Soul's Night

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The Amazon Queen has arrived at Baba's to plan for All Soul's Night on November 2nd. It may be a month away but all hands will need to be on deck to make sure it is a success. Baba's Soul Hands, upon hearing this, appear to listen to what the Queen and Baba are planning.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Introducing an Illustrator

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Sally was quiet because she was listening. She didn't have to talk to understand. The trees moved close to her and they sang....Tree branches bowed and waved in joyful play -- responding to the breeze -- a thought not felt on cheek or golden hair.

If you have never read The Princess and the Muse you must make sure to do so. It is Heather Blakey's signature story and her analysis of the story provides a rich insight into the birth of Soul Food.

Heather, like the Princess, suffered from a depression that was inexplicable. She seemed to have everything and yet she was not at peace.

Over the past six years she has spent at least six hours a day building Soul Food. This sounds like a lot of time and she has never put a monetary figure on her work. She always said that the currency she gained was worth more than any money she might receive and indeed, she has found peace and no longer suffers from depression.

Recently Heather began sketching, after never having sketched in her fifty five years. The most she did was use some colour pencils to enter Corinella's colouring competition which was featured in Melbourne's Herald Sun when she was still a child.

Since retiring to look after her husband Heather has made sketching a daily practice and over a short period has found the genre that suits her best. She has returned, for inspiration, to the Fairy Tales and Myths that comforted her as a child. This week she accepted the challenge of illustrating a book for faucon of Sakinel entitled Limora's Gate.

If you want Heather to illustrate any work for you just drop a line to Monika Roleff at Hermitage Pubications or write directly to Heather. She will no doubt barter with you and come to some arrangement that suits everyone. Like me she loves to barter and exchange and is happy to be 'well'.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Buy or Barter

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I am distributing some of Heather's cards through Amazon Alchemy. This is a sample of a selection which you will eventually be able to choose from. Raven Comes to the Gypsy Camp was made after the Hermit requested that Heather create cards using her sketches. Gift packs of three, which will include Raven Comes to the Gypsy Camp, Amazon Queen Alchemy and the Amazon Queen's Glade (Limora's Glade) will be retailing for nine Australian Dollars.

Bartering and trading is welcome. I love to keep pretty things in my bower and so I will exchange cards for small pieces of art work. For the moment however, the only card available is Raven Comes to the Gypsy Camp.

Contact Heather for more details.