Thursday, October 13, 2005

Fresh from the Alchemist

I now have ready for shipment, handmade herbals from H. R. H. Gwen Guin's personal recipes.

The first one available is "Muse of the Sea Sand Castle Soap" a rich blend of rose petals, honey and real milk in a bar for softening skin, with a delicate fragrance.

The second one is "Koschey's Stygian Soap", a soap of eerie darkness that is a pairing of lavender and aloe vera for healing the skin and protecting it at the same time.

Also ready for your enjoyment, "Baba Yaga's Hand Cream", with borage oil, Vitamin E, and tea Tree Oils you only need a little bit to do a lot of softening. Note, as this is old-style lotion it does contain animal fats and olive oil.

Soothe yourself with "le Enchanteur's Tension Tamer Massage Oil", with lavender and bay leaf for a double whammy of relief. With a dot or two to each temple and a place to relax for a half-hour, you'll be ready to face the whirl again in no time.

Direct From the Silk Road Bath House are the selection of "Bath House Bath Teas". A melding og select herbs and green tea, put a bag in your bath water and surround yourself in anti-oxidant rich green tea and lavender, chammomile, or rose petals and pamper all of you.

For stiff joints and sore muscles there is "Miscellaneous Memoirs Arthritis Oil", a teaming of bay leaf, chilli, and chamomile oils. Rub this oil in and feel it penetrate to relaxe the muscles, reduce swelling, and ease the aches.

For those who have oily skin there is "Alluvial Miners Pure Clay Masque" with aloe vera and comfrey to deep clean and heal skin at the same time. Pair it with the "Pandora's Chamomile Astringent" for a one-two punch to excess oil.

Anyone can enjoy the delicate touch of the "Rose and Swan Rose and Honey Facial Splash", keep the bottle in the fridge for a quick cool-down. Made of all-natural ingredients, it is gentle enough for any skin.

For callouses try "Duwamish Bay Sugar Scrub" on heels, knees, elbows for a gentle removal of hard, dead skin. Made of raw and brown sugar, aloe vera, chamomile and borage to clean without drying, and to help heal cracked callouses.

Also, I have a limited number of "Tea Tree Quill Pens" made from hand selected and gathered bronze, white and Bourbon Red turkey feathers with metal nibs for consistency and durability.

Last but certainly not least; the boxed regomins!

First; There is a psoriasis regimen consisting of the Sugar Scrub, Psoriasis Oil, and itch-soothing splash to help soothe and heal psoriasis gently.

The Oily Skin-Acne Regimen, made up of "Kolchey's Stygian Soap", "Alluvial Miner's Clay Masque, and Chamomile Astringent to soak up excess oil, clean the skin gently, and tone it without drying.

The Dry Skin Regimin has "Muse of the Sea Soap", "Rose and Honey Splash", and "Baba Yaga's Hand Cream".

As more goodies are added I will announce them here, with prices and sizes as well as fyrther ordering information at Gwenguin005@AOL/com .


At 5:23 PM, Blogger Lois said...

Hand made products are my favourite especially soaps
I rather fancy the massage oil for tension ...
I was surprised and overwhelmed to see you have a product called "Muse of the Sea Sand Castle Soap"
I am honoured that you gave me such wonderful recognition.
Perhaps I could buy some to give as Christmas gifts to all those on the trip ...I will probably need 2 dozen don't you think Gwen........

Love Lois
(Muse of the Sea)

At 7:59 PM, Blogger Lois said...

Gwen, alias...
< Alchemist to the Amnazon Queen>..
I have not seen your offerings for some few weeks.
I write to tell you I have been lucky to come across some 100 bars of hand made soaps ....
It happened so...
A house next door but one, is rented by young people and one of them a young woman had a throw out for the council to collect when she left to live elsewhere.
She said to me that there was a box of soaps she used to make and sell at country craft markets and would I like them....
She showed me and I said yes very quickly ....some are perfumed with lavender some have oatmeal and some tea tree oils etc etc all shapes and sizes.
I tried some last night when I had a shower and it was beautiful...does not froth up like super-market soap I think it will last forever........
Some have labels and some not so it will be fun to try them all out.....
Hope you are ok.
Lois (Muse of the Sea) 26/10/05


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